Sunday, October 23, 2011

I got up....

Despite another night on the couch because of my husband's cold, I got up and complete Week 7 of C25K.

I wanted to stay in bed (well the couch) because it was 38 degrees out and we haven't turned the heat on (I think the latest I've gone in this house). Then I tried to figure out if I wanted to go right away or eat and then go. Since I figure I will be eating before the race, since it is at 9 am, I might as well get used to it. I had a banana and 2 pancakes with PB. I left about an 1:15 later.

I used iMapMyRun this time instead of Runkeeper and it was much more accurate.

Week 7 is 25 minute runs, but they are supposed to be 2.5 miles - yeah, I can't do that in 25 minutes! I ran for 30 minutes and went 2.35 miles. Some of it was hard! Many times I wanted to give up!

At first I was going to walk to the whole rest of the route to make it 3.11 miles, but I did 2 sprints. When I stopped I had only gone 3.01 miles according to MapMyRun, but I wasn't going to keep going another .1 miles, especially since I was on an incline. I did the 3.01 miles in 39:33.

I need to change my course. I don't like that the first .25 miles or so is pretty heavy downhill. One it hurts! But mainly, it screws up my timing. I get a false sense of security. Also, the last .76 miles is on a faily busy road so I am on sidewalks (and not good sidewalks), I don't like so many people looking at me, and I don't like the fumes. So I am tempted to one, walk to the bottom of the hill and then start counting a route, and then also re-do the end of the route so I end where I began and it is all through the residential area. I know, I feel like I am cheating a little making my whole route on flat ground, but right now that is what I need in order to work towards running a whole 5K.

Today my husband drove me the route of the 5K I will be running. I am not exactly sure where the starting line is since it starts at a pretty large high school - I know it ends on the track, but hard to tell where it begins. It has a pretty steady uphill fairly near the beginning and then a very sharp downhill. The rest is kind of rolling - very gradual though.

Not sure what the week has in store for me. I am so nervous about my business trip to Toronto - I just want to get it over with. And I apologize for the TMI, but it will be the worst week of the month to travel. I had traveling during that time.

Eating - another crappy weekend. I have a lesser version of my husband's cold but enough so I feel lousy and just want to eat comfort food :(

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  1. Getting up and running in that cold and when you're feeling under the weather is hard...good for you!

    Hope the week turns out better than you expect.