Friday, October 21, 2011

I will not give up....

I can see why people give up on C25K after Week 6 (when the intervals stop). Honestly, I don't think I would feel like giving up if I had not signed up for a 5K or had not started running outside. I am pretty sure I could run a 5K on the treadmill in the next 5 weeks.

Today I ran outside and I felt like dieing! I had planned on going 2.25 miles, which I did do, in 30 minutes but....Runkeeper says it was only 2.08 miles (I do plan on going out and driving it again to verify!) though MapMyWalk agrees with me. And I didn't run the whole thing. The last part is an incline and I just couldn't bring myself to do the whole thing, so I walked 2 1-minute segments.

Not that I am making excuses, but, this is what was different:
-We had pizza last night and I didn't drink any water after dinner - I may have been terribly dehydrated
-For the first time in my training, I didn't run as soon as I woke up. I ate a little at 6:30 (a cheese cheese, some peaches, a spoonful of peanut butter) and ran after walking my daughter to the bus stop at 7:45
-My warm up walk was leisurely with her, then I stopped while we waited for the bus

So I am going to try to not have pizza the night before - not sure what I will do next Friday. I am traveling to Canada Wednesday into Thursday. So may run later on Friday depending on how tired I am. Or I could just run Saturday and Monday since I will be home on Halloween to see my daughter's parade.

I am not sure if the armband is the best thing. While it is comfortable, I really can't easily read my iphone while I am running. I will have to play around with it.

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