Friday, July 12, 2013

4 mornings in a row!

I lay in bed this morning really contemplating whether I truly wanted to get up. I had already gotten up 3 times this week, what is a missed one? But I was excited to try out the running interval workout for bootcamp. But I knew I had to set it up technically - I had tried to do it last night but the site was down. But I forced myself to get up.

The workout was 5 minutes of walking and then 8 intervals of 2 minutes fast and 1 minute slow and then a 5 minute cooldown.

I didn't finish the whole workout.-
--I started late because I had to get the workout onto my phone
--I did my running intervals too hard (only 5.8 - 6.2) and my heart rate was too high and I was having trouble recovering in the 1 minute.

So I think I did 5-6 of the intervals and then walked for a total of 35 minutes and 2.5 miles.

So next week when I do it again next week I won't immediately start at 5.8, so I can get the full 8 intervals in. It was a great workout - I was drenched and it felt great to be having the heart monitor on so I really could see where I was.

Not sure where the scale will end up tomorrow morning. I was at 210.0 this morning. I really want to get past this plateau and break the 25 lb loss.

This weekend we are going to a minor league baseball game Saturday night and Sunday night we are having neighbors over for dinner. I hope to do 5.25 miles on Sunday.

It has been fantastic being able to wear jeans every day at work. I am loving the 16W jeans. I feel so much more confident. If everyone at work does well with the jeans this summer they are going to extend it indefinitely, which would be huge for my weight loss. So much easier to get dressed when I am working out each weekday morning (well, 4 out of 5 - Monday is my rest day) and I don't really love the 16W that are waiting for me in my closet (except one pair of pants - I LOVE them). And much easier on the wallet - I wouldn't have to buy much of anything, except probably another pair of jeans, come the fall.

But in the meantime I am doing my normal work-from-home on Fridays and trying to keep any thoughts of munchies to bay because I would really like at least a maintain tomorrow morning.

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