Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 miles on Sunday and 16W jeans today!

Hmmm, seems like work may be blocking blogs at work, so I haven't  had a chance to write until now.

Seems to be another week where the scale immediately jumps up 3-4 pounds and I spend all week trying to get it down.

Saturday we went to the birthday party. I had a hamburger and a hotdog (we ended up being there for dinner, so I didn't have both!), a few chips, and then a little ice cream and cake. No alcohol.

Sunday I woke up and ran 5 miles in 1:04!!! I was so excited. I even ran a little faster than normal. Eating on Sunday was a little crazy but not terribly so.

Monday was rest day. Spaghetti was for dinner and I had 2 helpings and 2 helpings of salad :(

Tuesday I got up and did strength training. Dinner was good.

This morning I got up again! And did an interval workout. I wore my heart monitor to try to get myself to work harder. It felt great to be moving, but I could have gotten my heart rate up a little higher.

Last week they told us we could wear jeans for the rest of the summer! I had been wearing 18W jeans, though with a belt, almost on the smallest hole. I washed them last night and when I put them on this morning I decided that they were just ridiculously big, so I put on my 16W. A little snug, but look so much better! Feels great!

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