Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Need self-control this evening....

A week later I am still saying to myself that I need to get back on track. This Saturday it will be 4 weeks since I hit my 10% at WW - 4 weeks of gains.

After skipping my WW meeting on Saturday, we went to pick my daughter up from her first slumber party and decided to hit the British Beer Company (I wanted to hit 5 Guys next door - my husband had never been and I had only been their once, but my kids don't really like hamburgers). BBC has a ton of pub food - I got a salad (an entree size with probably a bazillion calories - chicken, greens, nuts, blue cheese, pears, cranberries), but I also got a cheese dip with chip appetizer. After all, I kept telling myself, this was Saturday, my "cheat" day. We also agreed we'd been going out WAY too much and who  knew when the next time would be. Didn't we say that on Thursday?!

I did set up my obstacle course for my Diva Dash training - it was more trying to figure out the logistics. I did ladder runs, hurdles, stretching over and under a rope (fantastic for my body!), a few other things - it isn't perfect by myself (or with my daughter trying to help) - I really need another adult, but I don't see that happening, so I will improvise.

Saturday night was hotdogs (turkey ones for me, with no bun) outside on the deck. Heaven!

Sunday I got up and ran 4.62 miles with my friend - I had hoped for 4.75, but her knew was hurting her and it was humid, humid, humid, even at 7 am. I am not sure how many more times we'll run together because she is going to be training for a 1/2 soon. I am going to run 5 miles this weekend - most likely without her. I may cry if I actually run 5 miles.

I hadn't gone to sleep very early on Saturday night, so I was pretty bushed after my run, and I had quite a headache from the heat, so I had a pretty lazy day. My parents came over for dinner - we made chicken kabobs, cold green bean salad, and friend rice. My mom brought cannolis and strawberries for dessert. It was our first time with company outside. Heaven. Oh yeah, there was wine too!

Monday was my "rest day". I had prepped a cold salad for dinner -pasta (white, not wheat), chicken, apples, golden raisins, pecans, apple. I also made a caprese salad with homegrown basil. I had seconds of salad - I knew I would. This is what I am afraid of. I make these fantastic salads and I can't just stop with 1 serving. I need to train myself. It is even harder when my kids won't eat it, so there is even more left over. I need to learn to cook less. But when my husband is on this 'I will eat nothing but fruit until dinner' diet, I feel like I need to cook more - though regardless of what or how much I cook, often he is eating later in the evening anyways.

So tonight is another cold salad - taco salad made with chicken, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, olives, red onion, chilis, greens, witha dressing of cumin and chili powder.

This morning I did get up to lift weights. It was also time to do my fitness test and take my measurements (I've been doing them every 4 weeks). I went down a little in inches - I am really hoping that by Labor Day they've gone down a lot more. My fitness did increase as well....well, except for the planks. I suck at planks!

Tomorrow is interval and plank day. It was last Wednesday that I felt completely defeated. This time I am going to do my warm up on the treadmill, then do the treadmill intervals, then do planks (last week I did bike warm up, planks (or tried), then treadmill intervals (or tried) - Also last week I didn't have my iphone on to listen to music because somehow I didn't feel like 15 minutes was real running. But I will tomorrow. I am also going to wear my heart monitor - I need to do that at least on Wednesday and Fridays - we'll see about the obstacle course and running.

The scale this morning said 210.8 - the first time below 211 in about 3 weeks, so that is the real basis of my title 'Need self-control' - I don't want to eat too much salad and mainly because I want the scale to say happy things tomorrow. I need to get back below 210. I need to get back to earning my 10% (which is 209).

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