Friday, July 19, 2013

Can I make the 25 lb loss tomorrow?

I am practically sitting on my hands this morning working from home, wishing the time would go by fast so it could be tomorrow morning and I would see if I get my 25 lb medal. The scale this morning said I would. And I want to keep that momentum going.

Exercise hasn't really happened this week except for Wednesday. I woke up Thursday morning with horrible post-nasal drip and I was worried if it was strep, so didn't get up. Last night I was up several times with a sick kid, and the post nasal drop was still around - so pretty much I didn't sleep from 2:30 am - 4:30 am.

I am still on tap to try to run 6.22 miles on Sunday. Alone. Lots of mental games. But excitement to run by myself again. I tell myself that once I did this, then I can concentrate on intervals and fartleks and tempo runs. And then I also need to start running outside "for real" - ie hills. But I probably won't do that much before the Diva Dash. With the heat we've had this summer, the shaded enclosure of a bike trail is very nice.

I haven't made my menu for next week - the weather is supposed to break on Saturday night, so we can enjoy grilling outside and nice summer foods. Next week will be TOM so I will want to stay away from anything that could get me to overeat. I am going to be really anxious to get under 205, so I need this coming week to be a good one (isn't that always the weeks that I gain?!) before we enter into The 3 Week Birthday Season (3 out of 4 birthdays in 3 weeks).

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