Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I did have self control last night!

The taco salad I made was amazing! Yes, I did have 2 helpings, but I really bulked it up with veggies and lettuce, so the scale was very pleasant this morning - 210.0 on the dot. So here I am, working at home before the long holiday weekend, and it is only 11 am and I am starving, but I will NOT have salad leftovers for lunch. Dinner maybe - I don't plan on having an organized dinner. My daughter is at a camp event until late, so I'll just pop in chicken nuggets for my son and he'll be thrilled. I want the scale tomorrow to say below 210 SO badly! I never want to see it go above. And then with 209.2 I will "re-earn" my WW 10%.

I did get up this morning to work out, despite another late night (again, watching Extreme Weight Loss on the DVR) - I didn't go to bed until 11:45 and the alarm went off at 5:30. It was interval day on the treadmill. The instructions were to do 15 minutes of 60 seconds fast, 30 seconds easy. I quickly found that 30 seconds was not enough time for me to recover. And I was only doing 6.0 (10:00 mile) on fast and 4.8 (my 5K speed) on easy. So I decided to do 60 seconds and 60 seconds - I've ready your recovery should be as long as the interval, so I was okay with that. The light bulb over the treadmill was burnt out, so I did it with just the lights of the treadmill and the small amount of light (it is cloudy today) coming through the small basement windows. I did a 5 minute warm up and cooldown - actually 7 minutes cool down to get beyond 2 miles. At some point I need to work on intervals on a track so I can feel what a 12 minutes, 11:30, 11:00, 10:30 and 10 minute mile feel like off the treadmill. Less than a 10 minute mile is what you need to sustain for 3.14 miles to do a 5K in 30 minutes or less. But that is so far off!

I am just proud of myself for getting up - I really didn't want to. I was still scared from how badly the intervals went last week. But I was excited to see what the scale would say - that is what I having been missing in this last month of yo-yoing - not doing enough to get a loss in the morning so I wasn't excited to get up so it snowballed.

I was supposed to do planks today as well - actually the schedule had me doing them before intervals. No thanks! I'll gradually add in planks! But I did do some ab/core work.

Tomorrow is more strength training. I was tempted to do 4.7 miles instead, but that means 2 laps of my neighborhood (I can't go to my Sunday running spot because the parade we're going to is there, but it is too far away) - but I don't want to be pooped for the 4th, so I'll just stick to the schedule. Friday needs to be a fun cardio work out.

A week from now is 5 years since I got pregnant the last time - I am 4 lbs away from the same weight. Can I lose 4 lbs in a week? I don't think so! In 2010 I had hoped to be at goal by my daughter's 5th birthday, but with a 3+ year setback and not being able to be to goal by his 5th birthday, I am shooting for when he starts Kindergarten.

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