Sunday, April 30, 2017

5 mile run and hitting 100!

After running the last 2 mornings and a lot of kid activities yesterday and sitting out by our new fire  pit (just a portable one) last night and waking up continuously overnight smelling like smoke, it wasn't so easy to get up this morning. My alarm was originally set for 6:00 but I stayed in bed until 6:40. After eating and changing and driving to the rail trail I started around 7:45, 45 minutes later than I expected.

I wish I had taken my allergy medicine before I left!

It was slow going but I got it done. Towards the end I pulled off the trail to stand by a brook. It was beautiful.

And with that my first 100 miles of 2017 were done (in 2016 I hit 100 at May 21, but didn't run again until June 4, and in 2015 I hit 100 on March 31). So seeing that I ended up taking March 9 - April 9 off from running, this isn't bad.

Unfortunately I won't be back to my serene rail trail for a while. I've got a 5 mile race (and this one I will do!) over Memorial Day weekend (5 weeks away) and while it isn't hilly, it does have some rolling hills through Boston so I need to run where there are elevation gains and losses. Plus my running schedule will be a little off with Mother's Day and our anniversary coming up. But I will be back in June when I plan on working on extending my mileage up to 6-7 miles.

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  1. Great job on the 100!!!! And kudos for getting out and doing it...45 minutes late means nothing when you can say you did it!!!