Saturday, April 29, 2017

Weekly Weigh-in and Saturday Run

Knowing I had weigh-in this morning kept me from having anything when I took my daughter through the McDonald's drive-through at 8 pm last night after her softball game, even though I wanted to. That and the nutrition information on the order board which is much higher than the drinks we've been getting at Starbucks.

My scale said 219.4 this morning. I was pretty excited. I have about a pound to get to my 5% (the scales at WW fluctuate week-to-week on the difference between my scale and their scale - anywhere from .6 to 1.6 - they didn't used to - they used to always be 1.4 lbs).

Because I needed to go for a run and it was already pretty warm, I wore running shorts and a tank top to my meeting. And then drove to my run. I did the same 3 mile flat route I did yesterday - My time was a minute slower than yesterday, but that was to be expected since I don't usually run 2 days in a row and know I need to run 5 miles tomorrow. Tomorrow will be 30 degrees cooler.

Run done! 95 miles for the year. Later in the morning I went to my daughter's soccer game and in the 2nd half she came over complaining of an ear ache. The girl has had 1 ear ache in her life and she was less and 1 year old. She finished out the game but was in a lot of pain. Instead of calling and waiting for an urgent care appointment with her pediatrician, we went straight to our town's urgent care center. Ear infection it was. She's had a pretty nasty head cold the last few days. Poor kid. But the big thing is she is now old enough to swallow pills. Where did my little girl go?

It was 2:30 but the time we were done with Urgent Care. We hadn't eaten in 4 hours. Yes, we went to Starbucks. At least I didn't get whip cream.

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  1. Good job on the scales and the run!!!! Hopefully the ear infection is resolved quickly with the meds!!!