Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How Monday Went and a Tuesday Run

Monday was our first hectic day of spring sports.

I ate well during the day, eating all the food I brought instead of buying (not bringing my cash or cards into the office with me is a huge help!)

Both kids had to be at the baseball field (thankfully the same one!) and we had to leave at 5:15 and they didn't get home until 4:30. I left work early (normally Monday is my later day) so I could help with the chaos. Thankfully I had made a bowl of pasta the night before so we just had to heat some up for them and a hotdog for my son. Nope, no vegetables. I made myself a bowl of sweet potato noodles with taco seasoning, 2 hard boiled eggs, avacado, goat cheese and dried cherries. I didn't have time to finish it before we had to leave. And we got home about 8. Both kids wanted a snack so they had a cut up banana, one with PB and one with Nutella. They wanted them in a hot dog bun but I told them they didn't need a bun at 8:00 at night. We've all been hitting the carbs a little hard lately.

I lay out my running clothes and my alarm was already set for 5:30. I was on the road by 5:50. I was a little nervous because I hadn't run on my own in the morning in a couple of years but it was fantastic. I felt so much better 1) getting enough sleep 1) psychologically not seeing the clock say 4 anything and 3) running in light. It will only get lighter for the next 2 months! I wish I had started this a few weeks ago.

Running was a little bit fueled by my desire to hit 100 miles for the year by the end of the month, which means I have to run THREE times during the week. I had hoped to hit the 100 miles by the end of March (ie by the end of Q1) but I didn't mean to take a break from running for 1/2 of March and 1/2 of April. But I do want to keep it up. And tomorrow I plan on getting up and using the exercise bike (I can't get outside on Wednesdays). Thursday is supposed to be foggy but I need to do that on the treadmill then just to get my 100 miles done! And then need to pick up the pace - 100 miles in 1/3 of the year doesn't even allow for 400 miles a year!

During my run I was on such a high - I was trying to pinpoint what exactly it was - was it the light, was it the spring air, was it just running. I know the light had a lot to do with it, so my mind kept going to "how can I run during the light hours more once June 22 comes along" - I think when I was consistently running outside in 2014 I think I made to mid-July before I felt that it was too dark to feel comfortable running on my own. Currently I work from home on Fridays, which is typically not a run day for me. I can work from home a 2nd day, but I wouldn't start that until the fall. Wednesday is the day I would prefer, again, not a typical run day for me. If I were to do that, then I would look to run between 8:20 and 9:00 am after my son gets on the bus. So definitely something to think about! Granted, I wouldn't get a shower right away before I started my work day, but I can also get some work done earlier in the morning because I wouldn't be showering.

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  1. Great job on your eating, even amidst the busy start of the week!!!

    I love that runners high when I experience a good run outside!!!!