Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Morning Run

I didn't run during my daughter's practice yesterday. Instead of I took a the opportunity to make a quick run to the grocery store. We didn't need a ton because I don't feel like we ate that much food this week, but the basics (milk, produce). I will probably end up going again over the weekend because I did zero menu prep (we've got another crazy spring week coming up).

But I am determined to get to 100 miles run by the EOD Sunday (ie the end of the month), so I knew I had to get out this morning for 3 miles. I had friends going out but not until 6 am and we were meeting 10 minutes from my house. But I did it. Only 2 other people showed up. It was great to run with them again. At one point 1 person was struggling a little (it was quite humid out) so the other person stayed back, but I had to keep going because I needed to be back. Plus I refuse to walk any more. My time wasn't too bad either, but this is a completely flat course.

My plan is to get in another 3 miles done tomorrow right after my Weight Watchers meeting. Not perfect but better than doing 8 miles on Sunday!

The scale said 220.4 this morning. So close! I am taking it slow and steady this week and hope to be as successful next week (even if the scale doesn't reflect it) before I enter into the 2nd half of my cycle.

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  1. Way to go for the determination on getting in your miles!!!!! Woohoo!!!!