Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Already!

As a parent, the saying "The days are long, but the years are short" really does ring true. I kind of felt the same about this week. While I was in it, the days were dragging and dragging, but I can't believe it is already Friday afternoon.

I have no clue what the scale will say in the morning. It was 223.2 this morning, so up 2.6 from last Saturday.

Eating has been so-so. After a not great weekend, I purged a lot of stuff but still nibbled on some stuff on Monday. The rest of it went in the trash Monday night.

I did buy lunch 1 day this week - I think it was Monday. And with my credit card no less. I've been leaving my cash and debit (and usually my credit card) in my car so I am not tempted to buy lunch. But I had my credit card with me because I needed to buy something on-line. Work was crazy and I was in a hurry so ran down and bought lunch (which yes, did include a 12 oz coke).

One night I chose to have frozen turkey burgers on flaxseed tortillas instead of hot dogs and buns like the rest of the family.

But last night I made pasta and I was especially hungry so had seconds.

Wednesday was exciting - it was Beginner Track Day. Through my running group I am doing a 4-week track program. It is only 30 minutes long each week, but we did drills and 3 separate runs around the track running as fast as we could. Wow that was hard! I was running as fast as I need to in order to do a sub-30 5K and I could barely make it 1 way around the track (1/4 mile). I am definitely sore - more so today than I was on Wednesday.

Part of what has made this week hard has been the weather. Yes, the snow from last weekend is gone, actually all the snow in our yard is finally gone, but it has rained like crazy and just been cold and raw. The kids soccer games are cancelled for this weekend because the fields are too wet.

Sunday I hope to get out for a walk in the woods so we all can break in our hiking shoes (not boots). It will be a little muddy, but over spring break I am hoping to take the kids up a mountain, so I want us to use our shoes a little before.

Saturday is supposed to be raw again (so thankfully the games are cancelled) but Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be 60,70,80. And then it will get back to normal temps (ie the 50s)

I've got 2 hours before the kids get home. I am trying to keep my resolve to eat healthy!

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  1. Is it summer yet? I'm tired of icky weather!!!!

    Hopefully Sunday will be fabulous weather and you can try out those hiking shoes!!!!