Friday, February 4, 2011

Glad for a new week

I continue to be so mad at myself - the scale has said 190 the whole work week. How quickly things change in a week. But I do feel good that I completely changed our weekend meals to be "normal" with no treats. For dinner we had a thin-crust frozen pizza and a ton of salad so hopefully the scale is a little better tomorrow. All week, and for the foreseeable future, I am working out of a conference room with 6 guys - they all go down at lunch to buy their lunch and bring it back. I make sure I have my "food bag" with me so I can still eat my normal foods. Once a month they provide bagels for breakfast and today I skipped it (for the last 3 years I haven't been in the office on Fridays, but now I am).

We do have the 15 people for Weight Watchers which is great. Now don't snow next Thursday so we can have the meeting!

I am still so sore from my Jillian video - but a good sore! But I need to get back to my early bedtime. All week I've been working until 10:30 at night but instead of going to bed, I've watched tv for 2 hours. Not good!

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  1. Catching up...with husband home last week during snow my blogging time was cut shorter...well, that and sleeping in and digital scrapbooking. LOL

    I feel your pain about 190. My weekend wasn't "weight loss foods" and it showed this morning. argh...

    I hope this week goes well for you. You can do it! I'll be in the trenches working on it as well.