Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 188.0
This Week: 186.8
Change: -1.2
Total Since 3/25/2010: 29.2

I was pleasantly surprised by the drop, though I tend to think some of it may be my mysterious pre-TOM dip. But I will take it.

I continue to be working crazy hours, so despite the absolutely desire to work out, I just can't get up at 5:30 am when I am not going to bed until midnight. But at least I am not having evening snacks, nor am I deviating from my normal work food routine, despite being very stressed at work. In the past I would have hit the cafeteria or the vending machine if I was stressed, even if I had healthy food with me to eat.

I have 2 food opportunities, well actually 3 this week.

1) Saturday we are taking the kids to the Science Museum and we'll have lunch there
2) Saturday night my kids will be at my parents (yeah!) and we're going out to dinner with friends to a pub-like restaurant
3) Monday we have off but daycare is open so we are still sending them (another yeah!) so we are going to go to a move

I will try to make good choices for 1), 2) is going to be a planned splurge and I am going to enjoy it! And 3) I will probably not get my own popcorn but share some of my husband's and then get a water.

With all this, I would still love to see 185.6 again by next week - we'll see.

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