Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shred in the afternoon

I am waiting on co-workers to finish something up so I can continue with my work, I spent a 2 hour conference call watching last night's The Biggest Loser, and I found myself with a spare hour before I need to start making manicotti for dinner. So I decided to test out Jillian's 30-Day Shred. Seriously - why did I not try this months ago? I loved it. It is exactly what I need to lift some weights without spending a ton of time, plus working up a sweat which I never do lifting weights.

Okay, sure I felt like a complete out-of-shape failure. But I am out of shape. A failure - no. But at least it is a starting point and I know I will be kicking butt soon.

I also need to push myself. That is something I never, ever did in all my years lifting weights. Pretty much as soon as it started to get hard, I would do 1 more rep and stop. I found myself doing that today. As soon as I didn't feel like I could complete another push-up (the girly kind), I collapsed on the floor and stretched out until they were finished with push-ups. There were several other instances where I just gave up before the set was over.

But tomorrow is another day. I am *hoping* to get up and get on the treadmil. Since I am not weighing in tomorrow, I can work out in the morning. And since I will be sitting even more than normal tomorrow, it will be a good idea!

I really wish I could work from home 3-4 days a week - While I did wake up early for 7 weeks last fall, it would be so great to go downstairs and get a workout in while no one was home.

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