Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The struggle continues

I need to start tracking. I really do. I will come this Thursday which is the start of my WW week and the first day of our new session. I am not exactly sure why I didn't start tracking this past week - I really needed it. My weight has been hovering at 190 since last Monday, so 9 weigh-ins now.

The weekend was so-so. I changed our dinner plans so we didn't have Chinese on Saturday night as planned, nor did we do anything special for the Super Bowl. But I have definitely been struggling with dinners again. I can eat so well all day long at work and when I get home I am not starving because I've had 2 meals and 2 snacks, but dinner is where I do the majority of my overeating. Second helpings have started slipping in. Thus I need to track.

If I am lucky I will only have a 2 lb gain at WW on Thursday. The last weigh-in I had at WW was January 20th and I was 187.2. Because of the weather, we didn't have WW the week I got down to 185.6. But still, in my mind I know I had gained 5 lbs.

Today I am home yet again because of snow - only a few inches, but it saves me 3 hours worth of commuting time. I was starving first thing and I know I could have had a bunch of water, but I had a Slim Fast at 7:30 am. I will try my darndest not to munch while home today.

Please, please, please let spring come quickly!

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