Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missing REI

In the past I have spent thousands of dollars at REI. 1999-2001 I lived with someone and all we did was outdoorsy stuff - I bought kayaking stuff and rock climbing stuff and hiking stuff and camping stuff and snowboarding stuff and biking stuff. In 2002 I trained to hike Mt Rainier in Washington state so I bought a lot of winter hiking stuff. But since 2002 I have barely stepped inside the store. I haven't done anything outdoorsy and none of my stuff fit and REI doesn't sell Plus Size women's stuff (or at least they didn't used to)

But in the last month I have found myself with no warm socks - just gym socks and work socks. In the last 8 years, the 10 pairs I had have all wore through. So today I ran in with my son and spent $70 on 5 pairs of socks. I missed being there so much. I can't wait for all my stuff to fit again. I can't wait to go back there and buy new rock climbing gear (you aren't supposed to use anything more than 5 years old - I'll "practice" with my existing stuff - ie practice tieing the knots and all, but I will eventually have to go buy new stuff) I am not sure if I will ever climb outside again, but I am dieing to be in good enough shape to go back into the gym (though not so eager that I am doing anything and everything to get back in shape)

The weekend was good.
-I stopped by the store on the way home from work on Friday to get a thin-crust pizza and salad fixings
-My husband made dinner Saturday - steak tips, grilled zucchini and squash and baked potato - I took most of the potato out and had the skin. I also made a veggie and dip platter since the grilled veggies wasn't enough
-I made breakfast this morning - grilled toast, poached eggs, bacon, and strawberries - I had a ton of strawberries, only a little bacon
-For dinner I made a ham roast, couscous, roasted asparagus - We had V-Day cupcakes and ice cream for dessert - I had a little ice cream, I had a cupcake - this is life - I am not on a diet - I wasn't going to deprive myself
-My husband put all the Lindt chocolate we gave each other in the freezer - I always forget it is there - he eats most of it
-I am bringing the rest of the chocolate to work and I'll stick in the break room and it will be gone by 9 am

My dinner tonight was a tad large so I have some discomfort right now. I literally did not sit down all day and I didn't drink much water and I didn't get a snack this afternoon.

I am feeling good going into this week :)

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  1. great job on the "I'm not depriving myself." It so important isn't it?!