Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Disorganization = frustration

What the past week has shown me is 1) If I don't plan, then things can very easily go haywire and 2) I am not ready to add a lot of treats into my routine.

Last week I was trying on my wedding dress and honeymoon clothes and hearing 'That's Overweight' on the Wii, but since then I've seen the scale be 5 lbs higher, back into the 190s, I've missed 2 weigh-ins due to hectic schedules and weather related madness. I've snacked mindlessly. I've had seconds for dinner. I've eaten after dinner. Overall a horrible week.

*Oh yeah, I did set my alarm for Tuesday morning and it went off, but I turned it off. I am mad at myself. But I did not know if the kids would be home with us on Tuesday and Wednesday - I needed to get as much sleep as I could to deal with everything that the weather was going to bring.

Tomorrow is registration for WW at work - hopefully we'll get the 15 people. But I am going to skip the scale. I just don't have it in me to wear the little dress - I will be scrapping ice off my car and I have a SIX HOUR conference call, during which I need to duck out to register. I can't not eat breakfast before that. So even without the added weight, adding different factors in, I just don't want to see it at WW. I'll see it on the scale at home.

But I am not going to let this bad week get me down. I am going to get back to basics and tighten the reins and hopefully have a good week next week.

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