Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hold the cupcake, I'll have a banana

Okay, a banana and ice cream. My 4 year old daughter pointed out to us during dinner that there were only 2 cupcakes left and that there were 4 of us, so we could cut each in 1/2 and we'd all get a 1/2. I am so proud :) But my husband and I decided to forego our halves and since it was bath night, let them go to town. But I wasn't going to end Valentine's Day without a treat, so I cut up a banana into our Ben and Jerry's ice cream bowls and then put ice cream on top. My husband got a whole heaping bowl of ice cream.

I dropped my candy off in the break room at 8:30 am - It wasn't quite ALL gone by lunch (and lots of other people had added to the pile). I did grab 2 hersey's kisses in mid-afternoon. I had contemplated it for a while, afraid if I had 1 or 2, I would have opened the flood gates and I would have kept going back for more, but I didn't.

And a score I am wearing a size 14 skirt today - It is a mini skirt and I found it New With Tags in my clothes bins over the holidays. Since it is courderoy, I figured I would try it out, since my plan is for it to be way too big come fall. So I feel 25 today instead of 40. Yeah me!

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