Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Business Trip 24 hours in

At the airport I grabbed a water and a bag of Jalapeno potato chips around 3:00 - the chips would have been 8 points if I ate the whole bag. I had 1/2 the bag, but also had a 4 pt Fiber One bar so it all evened out point-wise.

On the plane I had pretzels vs. peanuts and a regular coke, because I knew I had a 2 hour drive once I got off the plane. Never, ever have I had to drive 2 hours from an airport. But the coke was only in the glass - they didn't give the whole can which was good.

We landed at 7 pm and drove almost an hour before deciding on Applebees for dinner - I was ravenous but did still order one of their Under 550 calorie meals and had water.

I got room service for breakfast - gross! One, I do not like to eat so soon after waking up. Plus my stomach felt wacky - I didn't have enough water yesterday and was feeling it this morning.

I met my collegue at Starbucks - I haven't had Starbucks in 4 years. I don't drink coffee because I don't like hot drinks. I love, love, love coffee ice cream, but to have my coffee taste like coffee ice cream, it is just not good for you. But I indulged in a grande ice cafe mocha - full on whole milk or cream or whatever they put in it. Yummy treat but not to be repeated anytime soon.

I had a Fiber One bar mid morning and drank lots of water this morning.

For lunch I got a bottle of coke (no cans to be seen) but didn't finish it. Got a chicken in a wheat wrap and some yummy home-made potato chips. No dessert though.

I had a Fiber One bar around 3:00. Here it is 5:15 and I have no idea what we are doing for dinner. I had not knowing! And I am starting to get starving. Not a good feeling.

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