Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Off to eat away from home

Our house was full of the sickies this weekend - well me and my husband. Thankfully the kids haven't gotten it...yet. Saturday afternoon/night I had a stomach bug - not horrible, but enough to keep my in bed for almost 24 hours and to eat nothing except ritz, plain pasta, and lots of gingerale. Sunday my husband had a bad cold and is home today, while I take off on my first multi-day, flying business trip in a long, long time.

The lowest I was over the weekend was 185.2, but salty food last night had me up to 186.6 this morning.

I packed a bunch of Fiber One bars to serve as my morning and afternoon snacks.

This afternoon I will be driving to the airport during my normal afternoon snack, then we fly from 4:30 to 7:00 - so I will probably grab something in the airport, but then we'll be hungry again when we land.

Tomorrow will be breakfast buffet, lunch in a cafeteria, and then a client dinner out. Breakfast and lunch on Thursday will be the same, then dinner in the airport before we fly off. I made some extra spaghetti when I made lunch for my daughter in case I am hungry when I get home on Thursday at midnight.

So I will hope for the best. I will miss my work weigh-in this week as well as next week - next week I'll be working from home as it is parent orientation for Kindergarten. Yikes!

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