Monday, March 21, 2011

So uncomfortably full

Here it is after 10 pm and I have the hotel room to myself and I should be in bed relaxing, but I am so full from dinner I am uncomfortable and I am dreading getting into bed. Dinner was mexican and I had planned to enjoy myself. But I am totally regretting it. I can't eat as much as I used to and I hate, hate, hate the full feeling.

Yesterday I had a birthday party to go to before getting my flight. I picked and nibbled and left around 2:30. Flight was delayed but not enough to have dinner, so I grabbed a water and some raisinets in the airport - figured raisins was better than anything. We arrived at 8 pm and decided to eat in the airport before our 2 hour drive in the pouring rain. It was quick mexican food - pretty gross. We didn't have time to find a grocery store like I had hoped.

Today I got a yogurt for breakfast and ate the Kashi I brought from home, so my normal breakfast. We were so busy in the morning that I didn't even think about eating my Fiber One bar I brought, so by the time lunch did arrive I was hungrier than normal. They brought lunch in - Chinese food and soda. Gross. I wasn't hungry for a snack, but my and my collegue did decline a dinner invitation because it wasn't until 7:30. We went to an okay mexican restaurant - but I had a drink, chips and dip, a dinner, and split a chocolate dessert. Stuffed.

I did find a grocery store on the way home and got water, canned peaches and carrots so I can have my fiber and extra water. I plan on stopping there on my way into town the next time.

Ugh, off to bed. Only 4 more days until my re-commitment. I can't wait!

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