Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally home

We ended up leaving my client's office an hour early, so no afternoon snack. We arrived at the airport starving and 2 1/2 hours to spare before our flight - plenty of time of window shopping and a good dinner. Until we realized we could make a flight that left in 25 minutes. They had free snacks at the gate so I grabbed a water, a bag of sun chips and a 1 cup regular size Reeses cup and flew onto the plane. Still starving. The bag of pretzels and the coke didn't cut it. I thought I would grab Fresh City (burrito, yummy!) in the airport when we landed, but I was so eager to get home so I just headed straight for my car. I got home around 9, instead of 11:15 as originally planned. The generous portion of spaghetti I had made before I left was still there, along with the remenants of vanilla ice cream.

Need less to say I am up 3 lbs this morning, but that isn't real I tell myself. Today is a new day - albeit I am exhausted and usually my choices are not that good when I am exhausted. But I will do the best I can.

The side of my knee is hurting. I presume from being crammed in planes and cars and at a desk for 3 days - honestly, I haven't walked around a lot since I left. So my knee is in quite a bit of pain - going down the stairs kills. I am going to try to do some stretches today and hopefully get on the treadmill to loosen it up.

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  1. Traveling and eating out probably have a lot to do with that gain. I know I've had weeks where we ate out a lot, and I watched portions, and I gained. I guess it's the salt.

    Oh, and I looked on WW's BMI calculator and I'll be out of the obese range when I reach 170. Basically I have 15 pounds to go. :) I'm hoping to lose those 15 by my husband's graduation...