Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trip 1/2 Way Over

I am so ready to go home - I miss my kids (I finally used Skype tonight with my daughter - so much fun!)

Today was slightly better foodwise, but far from perfect.

I picked up a yogurt on my way into the office so I had my normal breakfast. I had a snack of cheese stick and fruit cup around 11:30. They didn't buy us lunch today so my and my co-worker went to the caf - I got a large salad (so should have gotten the 1/2 order) with greens, chicken, grapes, oranges, nuts, few other things - got the FF dressing. Still too much food. Skipped the roll. Got the 20 oz coke and drank it all.

Had a snack of a Fiber One bar and fruit cup in the afternoon.

Went out to dinner - again skipped dinner with the gang here because we didn't want to eat at 8 pm. Got a beer. Got a cup of onion soup. Ate 2 of my co-workers bruchettas. Ordered tortellini. Had ice cream sundae for dessert. Not good at all!

Thank god I don't have to travel every week - I would hate to eat out every meal for most of the week - We eat out so infrequently at home that I do consider it a treat and never really try to eat very well. But business travel is a different animal but so hard to have the same 'dinner is just a meal' mentality I try to have at home.

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