Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last weigh-in (2 weeks ago): 189.0
Today: 190.0
Change: +1.0

Could have been a whole lot worse seeing that last Friday I was 4 pounds heavier. Dinners have not been so great this week, but during the day has been fine. Life is extremely stressful right now - our family has taken a large financial hit, but hopefully the future will eventually be rosey again. But in the meantime we've got to button down - that will include me going to the grocery store tomorrow and finding out exactly how much my daytime foods cost and seeing where I can make some adjustments ($5 for 4 Vitatops - ouch - I'll either have to pick a new afternoon snack and look for them on-line). But at the same time I can't compromise my weight loss by buying cheaper, more unhealthy alternatives. We'll make cuts otherplaces.

But I am in my Weight Watchers outfit today - I haven't been to a meeting in a month or more. I was so tempted not to go but I can't do that to myself. During this difficult time, I need to take time and think about me. I need to lose the 4-5 lbs I've gained and get that spring back in my step.

Speaking of Spring - it is supposed to snow tomorrow on April Fool's Day - no joke. 14 years ago we got 2 feet on April 1st - it won't be like that, but still - It hasn't made it out of the 40s in I don't know how long. The mornings have been in the high 20s, low 30s. But at least the sun is high enough in the sky that the majority of the snow around our house has melted.

A month ago me and my husband weighed the same amount as I gained and lost the same 185-190 lbs. But the scale for him said 179.8 this morning - he eats so unhealthy that the slightest change to his diet allows him to lose weight like crazy. Hopefully during this time he'll be able to get more healthy and take care of himself physically - Can't say I am not a little jealous that he has time to be able to do this for himself.

In the next week I am going to work towards getting back to the healthy portions for dinners - Hopefully that will result in a nice change on the scale. I need it to say 18# again!

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  1. I've been MIA in reading blogs lately, but wanted you to know I haven't forgotten about you. You just keep hanging on.

    I'm with you about needing to get back on track. I haven't had the greatest week either, for the second one in a row, but I'm getting back there. Have to remind myself that it's not over yet.

    Oh, and I also get a bit jealous that my husband can eat whatever and not see hardly a gain. He's at his largest (oh so big..) at 165. sheesh... LOL

    Have a good day !