Friday, March 25, 2011

Home and not pretty

Really, really not pretty. I won't even put the official weigh-in because it wasn't really official, but I will just say it is well into the 190s - *gasp*

But I am home now. I came home to some pretty heavy personal stuff, but I am going to not let that get me down. I am dedicated to getting back on track and even hoping to get back to exercising - that will help to relieve the stress!

Definitely not where I wanted to be on my one-year anniversary of re-commitment/ another re-commitment. But it is what it is. I am not here to lose weight as fast as I can. It is about being healthy for my family and learning skills that will last the rest of my life - a long and healthy life.

I am so thrilled to be home - Now if only spring will really arrive - The 7 day forecast has all days starting with a 3 or 4. How depressing.

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