Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Weigh-in (2 weeks ago): 186.0
This Week: 188.2
Change: +2.2

It is definitely the stress of working getting to me. Coupled with the fact that I know I won't have to face the WW scale until at least 3/31. I just can't make it another meeting - nothing around my house is remotely convenient, and the only one near work that I can make is on Thursday which is the same day as my work weigh-in.

With the exception of getting breakfast at work this week and a lunch a couple of weeks ago, my eating issues have been mainly been contained to home. I get home and feel stressed and that translates to nibbles (mainly cheese) while I am making dinner, as well as bigger portions or seconds at dinner, and too many desserts. The biggest change has been the more than occasional "snack" after dinner which is ice cream or chocolate.

I want to think that after March 25 that things will be a little better workwise, that I'll be able to breathe more and make better food choices. As well as maybe, just maybe, start exercising.

I should be able to stay on track for the next week. I am really going to make an effort, despite the continued stress of work. I haven't menu-planned for the week yet, but I am going to pick things that are not my favorites.

I am definitely disappointed in myself. I am not feeling good about my body because the 2-4 lbs have all been added to my stomach I feel - I never, ever had issues with belly fat until I had my second child.

But I am not going to let myself feel down for long. Spring is coming, Sunday is Daylights Saving (yeah!), there is hope and good ahead.

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