Wednesday, July 16, 2014

2 days, 2 workouts!

We won't even dwell on the scale - this morning said 185.0! Ugh! But I got on the scale and I will just move on. I didn't wear a fun summery honeymoon outfit today for WW - I am going to take a Do Not Weigh. I put on jeans and a shirt - It is humid and pouring.

Speaking of humidity.....I got up Tuesday morning and ran 3.5 miles. It was the first time I ran on a weekday in almost 3 weeks. I really didn't want to get up - I had been sleeping terribly the last 2 nights (part due to getting too much sleep over the weekend, and part due to stress). It has been incredibly humid for days and it was darker in the morning - some due to it being cloudy, but with 3 weeks out of the Summer Solstice, the days are getting shorter :(

I put on my hydration vest and wore shorts again! Unfortunately i didn't really adjust the vest well and it didn't sit right and the tube was against my neck. Next time I need to take the time to get it adjusted right.

Since I only did 3.5 on Tuesday, I'll need to do 4.5 on Thursday - thankfully the humidity should be gone by then.

Last night's eating was poor - I had a 5:00 meeting, so my husband had to pick up the kids, and my client didn't call in until 5:30, so I didn't leave work until 6:15. I was starving when I got home - snarfed down 2 chicken tacos (too much food) and later had a small, small bowl of chocolate peanutbutter ice cream. I threw the rest away!

This morning I got up to do strength training. It has been 3 weeks. It felt awesome! I really, really want to get into a routine. 2 runs a week, 2 strength training a week, then a long run on Sundays.

I wore running capris and just my sports bra. When I do planks, I do them in front of a mirror. Gross!! I decided to start the 30 day Plank Challenge, so I only did 1 for 20 seconds. But seeing my gut hanging down, on a day I am feeling bloated and gross, was eye opening! A reason to keep on working at it!

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