Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday Night Race

CI needed a bib for July! Since I didn't run the 4th of July race, I was risking not having a bib for a month for the first time since December. I didn't really want to commit to a weekend race as we have been so busy, plus I am starting my Half Marathon training.

I looked up on coolrunning to find a race, and stumbled upon a small all women race near my house for last night. I was a little nervous because I have never, never run at night, and especially on a weeknight! But I signed up, and then a woman on my local running group (which I have done nothing with yet) wanted to carpool so I picked her up last night.

It was a beautiful night. The humidity had gone with the storms Wednesday night. But it was still warm - 84 when I got out of the car. But it started at 7 so there was tons of shade.

I definitely wasn't planning on PRing. With the heat and it being late in the day, I just wanted to enjoy myself.

I started out a little fast - there were some inclines, but there were also some people with hoses! But then during the second mile there were 2 people watering their flowers (with a hose) but didn't react to people asking to be sprayed.

I was eager for the race to be over. I was hungry! I had had my normal waffle with jelly and a banana at 5:30, but I wanted dinner!

I saw what I thought was the finish line, but no, they just had a clock at mile 3. So I gunned it to the clock but didn't have a ton of juice left to gun it for the actual finish line. But I did smile for the camera and made sure I wasn't turning off my Garmin at the finish line. I did hit it (or so I thought) shortly after. But it didn't stop. My time was actually 32:28. My PR is 31:32.

I wasn't expecting bling with this race, since it was only 151 people. I finished 100th. I love getting medals when you don't think you are going to!

I wasn't thrilled with the post-race food. I did feel a little nauseous and dizzy from the heat. I drank a ton of water and had some chocolate milk back in my car, and didn't get dinner until after 9:00.

Here is the pic I posted. I hadn't really thought about the fact that I hadn't posted a picture of myself in a while, so most people hadn't seen the last 10-15 lbs come off, so I got compliments on my weight loss. *yeah!!!*

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