Friday, July 18, 2014

2 more days, 2 more workouts

I did it! I worked out 4 days this work week!!!! I think this is the first time ever??!!!

Oh wait, I looked and last year, right around the same time, I did it 1 week (though I wasn't running outside), then I got sick and my son got sick and I didn't pick up a weight for almost a year.

But hopefully this time is different. This is my dream week....sort of

Cardio on Tuesday and Thursday ---one it is too dark to run outside during the week, I may change to the bike trainer, Step, kickboxing or the sort - I just hate, hate the treadmill

Strength Training on Wednesday and Friday ---45 minutes, followed up by 15 minutes on the bike trainer.

But then again my eating has been pretty off this week and thus the scale has been up 3-4 lbs!! That is the story of my life - gaining and dropping too quickly. Instead of a nice gradual decline, the graph of my weight loss is jagged with many large peaks and valleys.

The scale has definitely contributed to my crankiness this week. And the crankiness had lead to lots of chips and salsa eating :( Yesterday I worked from home and found myself have an 8 oz coke and lots of dark chocolate morsels. For no reason! Maybe being tired, or work stress. So mad at myself for not controlling that.

But I got up at 5 am 4 days in a row and got up and worked out. I would love, love to do this every week. The days are definitely getting shorter and thus 5 am is not quite as bright (the alarm goes off at 5 and I get up at 5:15 - I give myself 15 minutes for my body to react before trying to go to the bathroom so I don't have to go mid-run.

Thursday I ran 4.5 miles and hit 200 miles for the year! That definitely helped get me out of bed. I went up the street 1.5 miles, then back to where I started, and then the other direction and up and down a small hill twice.

Friday was more strength training and bike trainer. I even tried burpees a couple of times. A long way to go!

I am slated for 8 miles on Sunday. I thought it was 8.5 until I looked at my plan. Originally we were going to be in Vermont but my step-MIL asked us not to come. My running partner is using a different training plan for our 1/2 so doesn't look like we will be running together this season. That is ok - sometimes on your own is just easier!

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