Monday, July 28, 2014

Still struggling + 9 miles!

I woke up Monday morning to the scale saying 186.0!! Ugh!! But at least I got on it. There were 3 days last week that I didn't weigh myself and that is when I know I am really headed for trouble.

I chose to do my Long Run on Saturday morning and I am glad I did! I did 9 miles in 1:50. I am having issues with my Garmin so it is saying that the data is getting transferred but it is lost. But looking at my splits, I am pretty happy with them. The last 3 miles were faster that the first 6.

Like last weekend I ate at 3 miles and 6 miles - Sports Beans - still my favorite!

But I was tired, tired, tired for the rest of the weekend! I am glad I can't do long runs for the next 2 weekends!

Saturday I had to go grocery shopping at a different, more expensive store because my normal chain is having boycotts (something I support) so no one is shopping there....and there isn't any food there even if I wanted to. It was $75 more expensive and took twice as long, but I made fairly good decisions. Not 100%...Like I bought a big bag of Doritoes, but threw them out last night after having just 2 small handfuls.

We ate out Saturday night for my husband's birthday (celebration #1!) - Italian. Yummy! Salad, pasta with seafood, we ordered 4 desserts (for the 4 of us) and all shared, and 1/2 a bottle of wine. Yummy!

Sunday night was celebration #2 - sausages with peppers and onions, corn on the cob, and ice cream and cake with chocolate sauce. Yummy!

But so far Monday I have eaten well - eaten all my normal foods. We are supposed to go to the Red Sox game tonight, but it could get rained out.

I am hoping to get out for a run in the morning, even though it will be a late night. I need a nice short run!

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  1. Yay for 9 miles! And doritos! (I can't have them in my house either!) Sounds like you had a good weekend. Ya gotta live! So don't focus on that scale number too much! It's hard for me too!