Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bad week, go away!

Is it Friday yet?! My eating has really been out of control this week and I want to put a break on it.

After Sunday's large lunch at Applebees (hello, 4 pretzels for an appetizer!), I had leftovers for dinner. I did throw the rest of some leftovers out.

Both Monday and Tuesday I ended up buying lunch at work - at the last minute. Both of which included a 12-oz Coke and onion rings.

Monday night dinner was seconds on pasta before rushing out to my daughter's soccer practice.

Tuesday night was steak tips (which we originally were going to have on Sunday). I did make sure to get green beans before my husband put real butter on them. Grrr.....And after dinner I had the TWO remaining Skinny Cow bars (4 PPV each).

Tuesday I didn't get up to run. I hope it isn't this way each week - I was just so tired! I need the extra sleep. My body needed an extra rest day.

TOM is coming up later this week (darn 24 day cycles lately!). But it is HUMP day and I am trying to change it around now!

On a good note, I am wearing a Size 14 pair of white jean capris (bold I know especially since TOM is so close!!). And with the smaller size pants I had to cinch in the belt 1 more hole.

And I did get up this morning and do strength training. I didn't get my 15 minutes on the bike as I blew off a lot of my pre-camp prep last night and had to do it this morning. I woke up at 4:15 and considered blowing it off, but so glad I didn't!

I am hoping this off feeling is just PMS. And I hope to turn it around today - at least the lunch at work part. It is unnecessary and makes me feel so bloated. This is why one shouldn't drink soda!

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