Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another 8 mile run

I got up Saturday morning to 182.4, so a little shy of 50 lbs. But I knew I would be playing the WW game - I wore only a tank top and running shorts - the same outfit as 2 weeks prior when I got my 50 lb disc. They had me as 50.4 lbs - the difference between the 2 scales was only like .6 lbs which it never is.

I won't have my WW meeting at work this week because she is on vacation.

I ate way, way too much for dinner last night. This is why I don't cook foods I love because I over eat! I made a couscous salad, grilled asparagus with dried figs and blue cheese, and hamburgers with carmelized onions. My belly was aching this morning. From now on I am sticking to pasta before my long run.

I had mixed feelings about getting up and running this morning. I knew I had to put in the miles, so I could increase my miles in the future to get to 10 miles in the next month.

The morning was crisp (66 degrees) and low humidity. Perfect! I wore my hydration vest (I love it - I love not having to wear an arm band for my phone) and carried caffeinated Sports Beans, which are quickly becoming my nutrition of choice.

In the past I've only taken nutrition at 4 miles. Today I took 1/2 a package at 3 miles and the other 1/2 at 6 miles. In future long runs I would also take some at 9 miles.

I am going to try Gu at some point and see how it goes down. The beans take a while to get down, so having the hydration vest is perfect for that. But in a case where I didn't want to wear the vest (not sure if I will wear it for the actual race), I can't carry a glass of water that long to get them down.

I felt incredibly sluggish - my stomach didn't feel great from the dinner. But I am pretty sure I have negative splits (my Garmin connected and transferred the data, but it has disappeared to never, never land) I finished 8 miles in 1:39 - 2 minutes slower than when I did it 2 weeks ago.

I was definitely having a lot of moments of self-doubt on this run. "Boredom" kept running through my head - I like training on my own, but I've got to think of other things to think about. Maybe I'll start downloading podcasts.

The family wanted to walk around the reservoir (2 miles) - I didn't want my long run to keep from my family, so I joined in.....Ouch, I am hurting tonight!

I hate the feeling like I can't walk. But no pain, no gain, right? I just always worry about pain and if it is going to become more of a problem.

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