Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzards make you want to eat....

But so far, so good! I keep telling myself it is still just a Friday. Even though I won't have weigh-in in the morning, I shouldn't go crazy. I allowed myself 1 M&M cookie (in addition to my normal snack), a bite of the kid's mac&cheese. Dinner was Chicken A La King made with Healthy Cream of Chicken. I had 1 Pillsbury Biscuit (5 points). But I also made myself a plate of fruit. But I am still feeling weak -to the point I feel like going to bed so I won't eat.

Who knows what Saturday will bring. Shoveling, boredom, the typical 'It is Saturday so I can be a little "off plan"'. But I will still try to be conscious of what I am eating, because it easily could turn into a free-for-all.

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