Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Won't let the snow get me down....

Right now they are predicting a large snowstorm Friday into Saturday. I really hope they aren't wrong this time - I am looking forward to playing in the snow with the kids on Saturday. But most likely this will mean I will not have a meeting on Saturday....

But as I was writing this, I remember that my Weight Watchers location is a "store" which means you can weigh-in through out the day. So, unless the kids schools are cancelled, which I don't think they will be because the snow is supposed to be heavy until later in the day, I may run down there on Friday and weigh-in. So while I won't be able to get to a meeting, at least I can weigh-in. I am already planning on doing some grocery shopping this afternoon, so I will just get more than I intended so I can put off the daily shopping until Sunday.

But this early weigh-in will NOT give me liberty to "be bad" on Friday and Saturday. I am planning to have a really good week and then next Saturday, the 16th, my parents are taking the kids for the night and we are going to a 40th birthday dinner and I plan on living it up!

I am not expecting great things at weigh-in this week - A maintain will be okay with me. But hoping for great things on the 16th.

As for last night, we had taco salad using leftover chili. My husband had given me for Christmas these metal bowls where you can bake tortilla shells. Since it was the first time I used them, I just made all white flour tortialla shells. Next time I will definitely try my flax tortillas. I did have seconds (though I didn't finish the shell either time) but had fat-free cheese and greek yogurt, but did have a little guacamole.

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