Monday, February 4, 2013

So glad the weekend is over...

Well, not really, because Mondays are hard, but the next 6 weeks is relatively plan-free, so I feel like I can eat well on the weekends, and a lot of years my husband decides after the Super Bowl that he is going to eat healthier too.

Saturday I made some chili for the game, then me and my daughter went to get pedicures (her first - and during which she announced her tooth was loose - anothe first!) - She will be 6 1/2 this week - she is growing up so fast!

We also went to the grocery store to get "winter is 1/2 over" flowers. But then by mid-afternoon I was grazing and just kind of had a mini-free-for all with snacks. Ugh.

Sunday I had a very large lunch-for-breakfast before skating lessons and then my parents took us out to eat at a Mexican place after. I didn't have soda, I didn't order any appetizers, I only got a quesadilla (instead of the plate with beans and rice), but I did have quite a few chips and salsa (their salsa is to die for!), and I did have a couple bites of beans and rice off my son's plate. It was a late lunch, so no one really felt like eating for dinner. I did have some chili with fat-free Greek dressing and fat-free cheese and some chips, but I didn't finish it.

TOM arrived Sunday evening as well, so now I just feel bloated and gross. A post-food hangover (no beer!). But another week to look forward too.

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  1. Awesome job on the loss!! I hear you about the eating too much on the weekend. I ended up eating pizza during game last night (was planning on just a salad), but decided I would be back on track today and it's a new week.

    Here's to doing good this week! (and hopefully a quick TOM for you -- :/ )