Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I passed the Husband Dinner test

When my husband got laid off in March 2011, for 10 months he made dinner and I proceeded to gain 25 lbs. It wasn't all his fault :) Stress of him being laid off, stress of the unknown if we were going to be able to move or not, our routine was off (and then of course after he went back to work I kept on gaining another 25 lbs). But part of it was me not cooking dinne - I was kind of in the 'out to eat' mentality but at home. So I would have more than one serving - but he also wasn't cooking very healthy - too much meat, too much fat, not enough vegetables. And he was making such a big deal every night so I felt guilty.

He took off yesterday and made his Chicken Parmesan for dinner. I ate well all day. I had an extra banana when I got home because dinner wasn't ready. And I only had 1 helping - a small amount of pasta, a 3-4 oz portion of chicken (with cheese). It was very, very yummy. Tons of cheese, tons of garlic, pasta, just up my ally.

I made sure after dinner to tell him how much I wanted more than 1 serving, but in reality, it was just another Monday night dinner, so no reason to have more than 1 serving. He appreciated the compliments.

Still feeling bloated and crampy TOMish, but so far the week is going well.

Tonight is leftover chili in tortilla "bread bowls" - an experiment. The tortillas are baked, so they should be okay.

One thing I will be getting at the grocery store on Friday is sour cream - even if it is fat-free. Plain Greek Yogurt is not a good enough substitute when eaten plain - mixed in a dip or a recipe maybe, but not spooned on top of chili or tacos.

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