Friday, February 1, 2013

Wishing the day away!

I want this day to be over! I want weigh-in to happen!

I am expected a pretty good loss this week, so I am excited.

But today is my work from home day and it is very easy for me to feel like grazing. Having weigh-in on Saturday morning really helps that though.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day which means that winter will be 1/2 way over! To celebrate me and my 6 year old are going to the spa to get our toes done. And I'll stop by and buy myself some gorgeous flowers, and then Sunday night we'll have a feast. Meaning chili and wings and chips/dip and veggies/dip and brownies or cookies for dessert. I am not going to blow the one week on one meal - I will make the stuff lower-calorie and I won't go overboard and I don't plan on drinking - I only drink during the Superbowl when the Patriots are playing.

Monday night my husband is making dinne and that will be a test of only having 1 regular serving. Just because I am not the one cooking doesn't mean I can overeat.

TOM will be arriving at the beginning of the week though, so all of the above will be made a little bit harder because of that!

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