Monday, February 18, 2013

I am dragging.....

Knowing that I could sleep in a little because for the first time at the new house, I didn't have to drive anyone to school! (I left at my normal time, 7:40 and got to work at 8:00) I went to sleep way, way, way too late.

This weekend was a big 'ugh' in the stomach.

I had a normal breakfast and lunch before dropping off the kids and going to a movie - I had a medium popcorn, 1/2 of which spilled on the floor when I was trying to get situated in my seat, a medium rootbeer (that was almost all ice) and Raisinets.

Since we weren't meeting up for the birthday party until 7:15 (and we got there at 7:45) and the invite made it sound iffy if we were actually going to sit at a table at the brewery and eat, I had a large, large snack of almonds and beef jerky.

At the restaurant, I had 1 1/2 beers, a few appetizer (there weren't enough!) and I ordered a burger and sweet potato fries. The fries were delish, but the burger was just too thick and dense so I barely ate any of the meat, but had the bun and veggies. Dessert was homemade oreos (ie chocolate cookies with frosting between them). Yummy.

I had such a bellly ache when I went to bed. I just felt so bloated.

Sunday I woke up at 8:30 - no kids! And literally sat in front of the tv until 4:30 when the kids got home. It was glorious! And wasteful. I didn't each much out of the ordinary. I passed on ice cream for dessert! I drank a ton of water, but still felt so bloated and gross when I went to bed.

Since I didn't leave the house yesterday I didn't go grocery shopping, so I didn't have any coke for lunch today. That is okay, I am trying to not have it anyways, but I think i may have to go downstairs and get some for lunch because I am so incredibly tired it isn't even funny! It is only 11:40 and I feel like it should be 2:00 pm - not good for a Monday.

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