Monday, February 11, 2013


I am back at work, though my husband is home with my daughter because she didn't have school. The roads are still really bad and freezing rain is in the forecast, so they cancelled a lot of schools around us.

Sunday was a long, long day!

Our driveway still hadn't been plowed and I was feeling cabin fever, so decided to clean, clean, clean. Almost at the end the plow finally came. He had left before we realized he had left a 6 foot section in front of our garage - we figured it was because there was no where else to put the snow. So after all that cleaning, me and my husband (with some help from my 6 year old) had to spend 2+ hours shoveling in order to even get out of the garage.

But the burn of my arms feels great - reminds me how much I miss weight training!

Eating wasn't stellar. Weight was way up this morning - not sure if was due to dehydration or the salty dinner I had last night. I did some grazing and I think I had an extra meal in there somewhere to give me energy to shovel.

I am feeling very disorganized for the week going into it without a full fridge (and not sure if the stores will even have anything), with a meal plan, and without having bought/made the kid's Valentines for schools, nor bought anything for them or my husband from me for the day.

But even with the disorganization I will try to make it a good week!

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