Thursday, February 7, 2013

To weigh-in or not...

The scale at home tomorrow and whether there is any snow in the air tomorrow morning will help me decide. My school-age child's school is cancelled for tomorrow, and I had already decided not to bring my son to daycare. So I will be home tomorrow with the kids (I really hope that my husband's work decides that they should work from home - after all, the Governor is asking people not to drive tomorrow, even before the storm starts). But if the scale says happy things, I may just shlep them down there.

I had a couple more M&M cookies this afternoon. Boredom perhaps? Stress of not working but constantly wondering what was going on at the office (I HATE that feeling).

My husband brought home pizza and a salad. I made myself stop at 2 pieces, even after the No School email came in the middle of dinner and I thought perhaps I wouldn't weigh-in.

I will NOT have a blizzard be an excuse to just throw caution to the wind for the whole weekend. I have visions of the 210's (still probably at least 2-3 weeks ago), but that will mean my 5% bookmark. Keep me focused on the prize.

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  1. Great job on not throwing caution to the wind!! Stay warm!