Monday, February 25, 2013

What a bad week....

I am so mad at myself at how far I have fallen in just 2 weeks.

The fact that I haven't written since last Monday and when I opened my spreadsheet to log my weight this morning, I realized I hadn't logged it since last Monday, despite getting on the scale every morning. But when the scale is saying horrible things, that is what happened. That is how I gained 50 lb in 18 months.

Last week was just wild and out of control. With it being vacation week, everyone's schedule was off. Menu planning went out the door. And Friday night was topped off with a Chinese food dinner. I am SO mad at myself for not going to WW on Saturday - there really wasn't a reason not to go - yes, I would see a HUGE gain (hello MSG). But I also didn't go to sleep until 1:30. Actually I said up late a lot last week.

For the last 10 days I have been fast-forwarding through the whole season of Felicity, which ran from 1998-2002, some of the best years of my life. I kept thinking about my life at that time - how active I was (granted, I did still gain weight during this time) and I really, really miss being active!

The over-eating continued on Saturday. I thought it was curbed yesterday until I decided to eat chocolate ice cream at 8:30 at night (and threw out the rest of the carton).

The one good thing I did get accomplished yesterday was to set up my home gym - a corner of our unfinished basement, that has a treadmill, stationary bike and a bunch of free weights. The main thing it is missing is additional electricity - I don't want to overload our breaker, but I would love to be able to plug in our old 18" tv and attach a VCR (yes, we still own one!) and DVD player for additional work outs. Now I just need to get started! That is the hard part.

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