Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1 day closer to Christmas

I really am a Christmas nut. Okay, well, not really over the top, but I used to not sleep all night until I was 22 (and started working and could afford things on my own). And now that I have kids, and a kid that is old enough to start to get it, I find myself all excited all over again. What a wonderful feeling!

Yesterday I did pretty well all day until the kids went to bed. Then I found myself in the Christmas cookies and Chex Mix at 8:00 at night - I almost never, ever eat after dinner. I never really have. But they looked so good and I know most of the stuff will find itself in the trash next Tuesday night. So I got to enjoy some cookies and snax in the quiet of the house before I had to start wrapping.

The scale really hasn't moved up in the last 3 days, so I am still up 3 lbs for the week. Life goes on. TOM should be here today or tomorrow, so I know that helped contribute to the late night munching.

And I continue to be excited. Oh yeah, a coworker complimented me the other day on my weight loss. THAT was enough to make my week!

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  1. That compliment is a great non-scale victory! And that darn TOM ...always makes me munchy as well. And boy that Puppy Chow has been the sweet munchy treat of choice for me lately... my post says it all. :)

    Sorry for not commenting lately - crazy. I've been skimming your posts though...

    You'll be back on track as soon as the holidays are over, so enjoy it. :)

    It is fun to get into the spirit of Christmas. I giggled right out loud when I read you stayed up all night until 22. =) Too funny. My son wanted to go to bed this afternoon and sleep until Christmas, so he wouldn't have to wait anymore. LOL

    If I don't catch you before then, have a wonderful Christmas!!