Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 193.4
This Week: 190.2
Change: -3.2
Total Since 3/25/2010: -25.8

So close but no cigar on seeing 189.8. But that is okay. My goal just is to see it before 12/31.

Yesterday I ended up getting Smart Food from the vending machine because I was so hungry - It was 4 points, which isn't too bad. I had to work late so I came home to dinner waiting for me on the counter and I have to inhale it before giving the kids their bath. I did eat too fast so I still felt hungry afterwards. The Chex Mix I haven't touched since Saturday was staring at me but I resisted. I drank a lot of water - I usually do anyways, but extra water has really been helping me lately.

But this is the beginning of a potentially challenging week
-Today my husband and I are trying out the new Asian restaurant around the corner - they have a buffet at lunch. Could be bad, could be easier because I can have 1 crab rangoon, not the 6-8 if we ordered take out.
-Dinner will be disorganized, so I'll make myself a lot of veggies and only one helping of pasta salad
-Tomorrow we are all taking the day off - we are planning to get to the Mall early to see Santa. That is good. A later time could result in ending up at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch
-Saturday night is a Christmas party at our friends - I plan on holding water in my hand the whole night and not standing too close to the food table
-Sunday morning we are visiting friends - again, I am going to try to avoid munching on food as we all hover around the kitchen island which we normally do
-Sunday my parents are supposed to come over for appetizers (which will be our dinner) - It may snow so they might not. I could make so many appetizers - I love them! But I will try to be in control
-We'll do some baking this weekend - 3 kinds of cookies. I will refrain from batter or eating too many cookies

Then come Monday morning I should be able to be on course until Christmas Eve. I am going to enjoy the next week but everything needs to be in moderation.

So I do not expect to see a loss in week, especially since it will be TOM. But I'll try for a maintenance.


  1. Big Woo Hoo!! on the loss :)

    Maintenance during a week you've described is a great accomplishment. It will show that you can handle life.

    This may be bad, but I don't even have a problem with people seeing a slight gain (1-3 pounds) over a holiday week as long as it's just that week. This is life. :)

    Enjoy your time with your family today and through the weekend!

  2. Um, yea...just noticed that I am following you twice... weird. I think I logged in with my regular email once or something. Sorry about that. LOL

  3. I usually don't care about a small gain over the holidays either, but I was 221.8 on 1/1/2010 but that was water weight, I really was 218/219 so I would love to officially say I've lost 30 lbs in 2010. But if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. I want to enjoy myself too!

    And yes, you are following me twice - my 2 followers. yeah!