Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday check in

Yesterday we checked out the new Asian restaurant around the corner. I got a ginger salad to fill up some on greens. I also ordered water which I have been doing so well with. But I still did my normal 3 plates I do at chinese buffets - the first is always fake sushi. The second is appetizers. The third is normal meals. But none of the plates are overflowing - they are little plates. But I still had that too full feeling because I am just not used to eating so much. But a year ago I wouldn't have felt full at all. For dinner we fed the kids and just picked at leftovers ourselves.

Today we did go out to lunch with the kids. No soda. But I did get an appetizer. We skipped the dessert that came with our meal.

After lunch I went grocery shopping for the next 10 days. Bought way too much cheese - But I can eat just a little of each. I also brought my new WW calculator to figure out the points for somethings I have in the freezer, but no longer have packaging for (hot dog rolls, lavish bread, etc.)

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