Saturday, December 11, 2010

Need to nip it in the butt on December 12th

I think I am already rethinking my food plans for the next 3 weeks to pull back some.

Last night I made Chex Mix which my husband loves at this time of year. And I found myself aimlessly eating way too much of it today. And then I found myself grazing as a whole. I also made our favorite pasta salad and I had 3 helpings. Yikes. That is what happens when I make the foods I absolutely love. I eat too much. I am not 193.4, for the most part, because I eat a lot of junk food. I am this weight because I eat too much. I want to have the foods I love this holiday season, but I need to just have them in a smaller quantity and between those meals, I need to eat smaller dinners. Eating too much for dinner has been what has prevented me from losing more than 30 lbs this year (not that 30 lbs is anything to sneeze at). But if I am going to lose more than 30 next year, I need to do better at dinner.

On a good note, I ran into a friend yesterday whom I hadn't seen since my son's 1st birthday party (a week after the party I really began my weight loss, weighing at 216) and she went on and on about how great I looked - she was basing it solely on my face as I was bundled under scarves and a winter coat. It made me feel on cloud 9.

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