Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another challenging day done...

I had a normal breakfast and brought a snack with me to my daughter's dance class since we had to go shopping. Though I did buy a box of whole wheat macaroni and cheese which I ate for lunch (impulse/hunger buy) - I did have a bunch of carrots and peaches for lunch as well.

I had a bunch of baking to do in the afternoon - I didn't nibble too much, but did some. I had a large snack before we left for our Christmas party. And I drank a large bottle of water on the hour drive their.

I could have been worse, could have been better at the party. I alternated between wine and water at the party. It was potluck and seemed to be food everywhere. And I found myself at a table with friends along with a jar of pretzel and chocolate clusters. Those were really, really good!

I knew I was going to wear one of 2 pairs of khakis to the party. Either my 16W which are nice and comfy and I like how they look on me better. Or the 16 which are a tiny, tad snug. The 16W were in the hamper. I feasibly could have pulled them out and ironed them, but I elected to wear the 16s. But I tried on a black turtleneck I hadn't worn in 3 years - I really can't pull off turtlenecks as I have a very short neck. Disappointed I pulled it off and put on another shirt. I definitely need to go shopping for more black shirts/tops, which are my staple, after the holidays.

Another extremely challenging food day tomorrow.

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