Sunday, December 12, 2010

Better today....until dinner

I did pretty well during the day - I kept looking at the Chex Mix but didn't have any. I stuck to my normal weekday food plan. I did have some hunger pangs during the day. I also was bored during the day - it was a chilly, rainy day so we were shut in. But I refused to let boredom (or a timeout from the kids!) derail my plans. So in that respect I am happy.

For dinner I made my famous chili (beef, sausage, beans). But I also tried to make latkes (potato pancakes) for the first time. Friend's of ours always has a holiday party during Hannakah but we missed it because we were in Disney. They always make Latkes, which we love, and we've been talking about making them ourselves for years.

I only had 3 of them - I could have had 10! I did have a second helping of chili (along with more cheese and sour cream, both full-fat) I really didn't need it. I didn't finish it though. I had that really full feeling while eating it, which made me not feel so good. I hate that feeling.

I am pulling the stew and the homemade macaroni and cheese off the holiday time menu this year. 2 less dinners where I know I would probably overeat. As I see it now, even getting back to 191 by December 31st could potentially be in jeapordy, so any help I can get.

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