Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hurry up today

I just want today to be over, well the work day. I am going to stop by Target on the way home and stock up on storage bins and then let the work begin! I am so eager to have everything in the house back in it's place so the New Year can begin! Sadly, to make room for the new toys, I have to remove some of my son's toys that are too baby-ish. I am going to go through the pile and figure out which ones I want to keep for posterity sake and what can be donated. I wish I wasn't the last of my friends to have kids, because it makes it that much harder to get rid of everything.

I ate fairy well yesterday. I was on plan all day at work. My husband was out again last night so I was on my own with the kids. I made myself TWO Lean Cuisines for dinner. One wasn't enough points and I just didn't trust myself to try to peice together other items to get more points without picking junk as well. I wasn't good with the vegetables though and the amount of sodium was horrendous, but it was a rare occasion. I did have to restrain myself after the kids went to bed - all the goodies and stocking candy is around and I didn't eat one thing. Not that I didn't want to! As a result I was 191.4 this morning.

Yesterday, the woman at work who has been coordinating the WW At Work program asked for someone else to take the reins and I volunteered. Our current session ends at the end of January. Hopefully we'll get enough people (at least 15) to keep going.

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  1. Great minds think alike...I also bought storage bins yesterday. :) Mine were photo boxes and then a storage bin for each child to store said posterity items. We're moving in six months and as soon as everyone goes back to school I'm really going to start sorting and such. I've done half of it, but it's time to finish it up for the move. Joy.

    Good job on the eating. TOM arrived last night and I am doing my best to care a little about anything weight loss related. :)

    I hope you get enough people for your WW at work. Keep us posted!