Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Dance

I know it won't say that tomorrow, but I can't help but be happy. Though I will admit when I first woke up it said 190.0. One of the few mornings I got to go back to bed for a while, knowing I would probably have to pee again when I woke up :) But who cares! It was on July 27 that I first saw the scale say 199.8 and it was on August 30 that I last saw the scale say 200. So it has been a long 4-5 months in the 190s. Yes, I will see the 190s again but hopefully it will not be a whole month before I see them for the last time.

Today I am wearing a pair of overalls I haven't worn in 7-8 years. I tried on a pair of size 14 jeans just on a whim - I could actually button them but they were extremely uncomfortable. I am definitely thicker than I was before I had babies.

Yesterday's organizing was a complete success. I feel so much more calm this morning. One of the things I did was go through the 3 bins of my clothes I have in the attic. One of the bins I physically labeled "The
Hallelujah Box" - it contains a pair of Size 10 jeans, Size 8 jeans, 3 bikinis, 3 cute little t-shirts I used to live in. But before I can get to that box I have 2 more boxes to go through. The first one would be my honeymoon clothes/Size 14/Size L summer clothes. The next would be size 12 clothing. I don't have a ton of clothes left, but some nice pieces I would really love to fit into! There is one last box I have that has all my hiking/outdoor/work out clothes - They are mainly size L and M. In 2011 I will get to wear them!

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